Automation Server



BroadcasterThe most scalable and cost effective system

Automation server, a  scalable , multichannel, broadcast system that delivers stable high-quality output and allows flexible scheduling of content. Relying on its digital backbone infrastructure, our Maître D Automation Server simplifies broadcast operations by centralizing your assets, allowing quick and easy retrieval and broadcast. When integrated with our Asset Management System, you can easily share your content across multiple sites, optimizing your investment and lowering operational costs.

broadcasting automation serverHave all your assets at your fingertip

    • Automate centralized or distributed stations
    • Automated single or multi-channel stations
    • Secondary playlist allow for fast reactions to unforeseen situations
    • View and control local or remote playlists with MaestroVision’s distributed interfaces
    • Iconic warnings and errors to easily identify problems for error-free broadcasting
    • Unlimited number of relative events

Playlist editor automation serverOperational Advantages

    • Real Client-Server application
    • Permit real time viewing of the on-air schedule
    • Precise, Automatic and Fast
    • Materials and Events are validated
    • Schedule done in advance
    • Materials are accessible from anywhere on the network
    • Interfaces with all Traffic systems

playlist playerAutomation Server Administrative Advantages

    • Reliable
    • Flexible
    • Expandable
    • Economic
    • 24X7X365 real technical support

mvsAdminAutomation Server