The MaestroVision suite of applications offers all the benefits provided by a technology delivering both integration and distribution solutions

Have you ever been confronted with the decision of acquiring either an integrated or a distributed solution? Both technologies offer their pros and cons, but which one is best suited to your organization? The MaestroVision suite of products offers the best of both worlds. All components are perfectly synchronized to each other, but at the same time allow for the integration of a third party items seamlessly. Over the last 20 years we have installed hundreds of solutions with a myriad of industry products and brands.

Built to adapt to your existing technology

For more than twenty years, MaestroVision has specialized working with third-party manufacturers. We can interface with products using RS-232, RS-422, GPI, Ethernet and Infrared. There is not one device that we cannot combine, including VTRs, video servers, graphics systems, character generators, channel branding, logo generator, satellite receiver, satellite antennas or transcoder. Our architecture, that includes an open ODBC database, is capable of integrating with databases from across the industry. Through our expertise will offer a major advantage for organizations. Our sophisticated metadata management ensures data is not resident in different locations, avoiding the costly allocation of time taken making manual corrections. It only takes one incorrect metadata to
put the process back days. We can avoid it!

Extremely robust and precise

The Broadcast industry has no tolerance for lack of robustness and precision. Revenues are in jeopardy when systems crash or schedules are not precisely on time. MaestroVision has been building systems that are reliable, consistent and trustworthy. Broadcasters from all over the world have put their faith in MaestroVision technologies and continue upgrading their system with our technology. We have designed our interface with the minimum “bells and whistles” and made stability our priority. The MaestroVision playlist interface may look as glamorous as other “channel in a box” systems. It is your decision to choose a user interface with a myriad of options, graphics and pop up windows or getting something that works on time, every time. After all it is the end result that your valuable viewers are watching that is important, and not what your operators are seeing!

All applications are centered round a very powerful Media Asset Manager

Media Asset Management has become a buzzword in the industry, but is often confused or wrongly defined. When MaestroVision talks about Media Asset Management, we mean a tool for the ingestion, annotation, cataloging, storage, retrieval and distribution of content from any workstation. We also mean adapting each user interface to every user, and allowing each department of your organization full data access. If your existing solution is not centered round a powerful Media Asset Management System, your workflow can never be optimized resulting in higher operational expenses and lower a profit margin.

Totally configurable to match each users requirements

You probably heard the expression “less is more”. This expression makes sense when looking at user interfaces. Your organizations metadata can include hundreds of fields. Many of these are specific to a particular department and not relevant to all users. A user interface showing all this unnecessary information would be unworkable. MaestroVision’s interfaces have been designed to match each users requirements. A meticulous metadata analysis is undertaken to understand each users role, and provide them with all (and only) the tools they need to do the job.

Ease of use

Many high-end broadcasters are using MaestroVision technologies, but so are small access stations. Those smaller organizations can’t afford to pay for experienced technical staff and operators. Very often volunteers with little technical knowledge are involved, and staffing changes are frequent. MaestroVision saw a need to adapt its technology in order to respond to this need, and create a simple to use, intuitive operation, that significantly reduces the chance of making an on-air mistakes.

Handles multiple file formats

MaestroVision video servers have been build on software encoding and decoding technology. It is very important to have an open system that will adapt to your existing configuration. There is no restriction to the amount of file formats that can be handled by MaestroVision technology. We have them all: mpeg 1, mpeg-2, mpeg-4, DV, DVCpro, H.264, XDcam, MXF, Pro-res, 2K, 4K and many more. When new formats appear, we will compatibility with your existing operation.