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VTrak A-ClassAll-in-one metadata appliance, RAID storage subsystem, and file system

Optimized for high performance, high bandwidth rich media applications requiring large block sequential IOPs. Supports 2-4x more uncompressed HD streams than competing solutions without dropped frames. VTrak A-Class enables a single management GUI for the SAN environment.

VTrak Ex30High availability RAID storage subsystems has fundamentally changed storage economics

The VTrak x30f delivers on all fronts, with unparalleled next generation storage processing power. Using high-speed 8Gbps host connectivity coupled with massive internal bandwidth, the VTrak x30f features the latest 6Gbps SAS/SATA drive technology to set a new performance standard. While disk performance is critical, the VTrak x30f features an easy to use web interface to simplify storage setup and management.

VTrak Ex10 & Jx10A family of intelligent, high availability SAS/SATA based RAID storage systems

Designed and developed with enterprise features delivered at a price that small to medium businesses can afford. The VTrak line features embedded browser-based management interface, WebPAM PROe, eliminating the need to install additional software. All VTrak systems on the network can be configured and monitored using a single, easy-to-manage interface through an out-ofband Ethernet port. By using industry-standard management protocols, VTrak simplifies integration with third-party management applications

Vtrak Jx30The VTrak x30 series allows storage applications to access their data at blistering speeds.

The VTrak x30 series 6G SAS subsystems deliver a high performance SAS solution with advanced enterprise level reliability and functionality. Delivered in a Storage Bridge Bay (SBB) 2.0 compliant package, the x30 series offers the full redundancy that is expected of an enterprise solution. Dual active-active JBOD I/O modules allow for redundant data paths to ensure data availability while dual power supplies and cooling fans are in place to minimize downtime and any disruption to business continuity.

VTrak Ex10 & Jx10Delivers an affordable high-performance SAS solution with advanced enterprise level reliability and functionality

The VTrak J-Class delivers an affordable high-performance SAS solution with advanced enterprise level reliability and functionality. The four external SAS ports provide the connectivity and bandwidth for large capacity solutions requiring multiple cascaded JBODs. Fully redundant I/O modules, power supplies and cooling units, combined with a cable-less system design, provides exceptional data availability even during component failures.

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