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Automated report Preparation

Maestrovision has expertise in extraction and analysis of data to automatically generate operational management reports. Developing the business intelligence (BI) customers can improve their operations, reduce costs and take full advantage of their computerised systems even without owned computer development skills in-house.

Reports can be provided by using various technologies (depending on needs):

  • Rapport from Crystal Report
  • custom report using the report of Maestrovision gear

The type of documents produced in the past:

  • Report of the content of broadcast
  • report of implementation for the CRTC
  • report of validation of accuracy of the information
  • report on production data

Branding Improvement

Maestrovision has an excellent knowledge of the field of broadcasting including the image of the station. We offer branding services, including appearance in waves as well as the website and other communication tools

The following elements are commonly produced for our client

  • Design of the appearance on-air (Branding)
  • Preparation of template for the Channel Dresser
  • Graphic Design of the website
  • Preparation of brochure and other promotional items

Expertise for Merdia backup strategy

Maestrovision can help to implement a media backup strategy to ensure the integrity and sustainability of the data. We offer the customer to help define its needs and especially the level of security that it desire get. This step, often overlooked, is crucial because it is always possible to be better protected.

Maestrovision offers the following:

  • Determine the needs, the level of protection required
  • Implementation of the backup strategy
  • Support for the development of specialized tools
  • Support for the deployment of the backup architecture

Turnkey installation

For installations, Maestrovision offers complete installation services. Be it for the preparation of the plan connections, of the physical wiring installation and equipment, we can arrange all the details. Once the work is completed, it remains only to operators to begin broadcasting.

MaestroVision Services includes:

  • Planning the installation
  • Preparation of the connections of the equipment
  • wiring
  • Supply interconnections’ equipment (converter, adapters, etc.)
  • Installation of the equipment in the rack
  • Configuration of equipment
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